Vacation in the Sunset State

California has more tourist attractions than any other location in the world. People from all across the globe come to California to enjoy their vacation, whether they are interested in a family vacation, couples vacation, or a single person just looking to have a good time.

One of the most popular vacation destinations on the planet is the world famous Disney Resort in Anaheim. It features unique accommodations, entertainment, shopping, and two incredible theme parks. Another California hot-spot for family fun includes the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, which features classic roller coasters and carousels.

Many tourists also come to Hollywood in order to rub shoulders with the stars. One of the most popular vacation activities here is the bus tours that allow people to check out the lavish homes of some of the world\’s most famous television and movie stars.

California is also rich in arts and culture attractions, offering a wide array of spectacular locations throughout the state. Included in these locations are the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and the Impression Paintings at the de Young Museum. There are also numerous music venues, artists\’ communities, and other cultural offerings throughout the state.

When going on vacation in the Sunset State, tourists can also enjoy many beautiful beaches, amazing golf courses, extravagant nightclubs, a multitude of outdoor recreational activities, astonishing shopping facilities, relaxing spas, a wide array of dining establishments, and even a number of locations offering winter recreational activities.